Everybody should do their own research to get a complete picture of Covid 19.

It is very important to read medical studies.

Almost daily I read about health on several media.

Myself, Rudolf and our son are supplementing high doses of Vitamin D.

I really wonder why the governments don´t tell us about supplementation (Vitamin D, C and zinc) to strengthen the immune system.

It is efficient, safe and cheap.

There are plenty of serious studies on the scientific platform

Since we all live in a very difficult time I would like to share the following studies with you.

It is always advisable to check your Vitamin D status since most of the people are deficient. I had my levels already checked eight years ago and I am supplementing since then. Our son is deficient as well and he is supplementing as well.

We miss performing the most and hope that we will be able to perform in the near future as we did in the past.

I would like to thank all the scientists and doctors for conducting all the research for remedies and conducting studies.