Fingers of God

Last time you danced: Perhaps last weekend in my studio while I was working on a track.

Best live music moment: John Bence performing live at Rhiz last year.. Really felt it.. It was beautiful and intense.

Favorite animal: Goat

 Streaming?: I use Spotify and SoundCloud.. Occasionally I also tune in for live streams, but I prefer to re-listen after the set or show got uploaded.. In terms of live performances I prefer to be physically present if possible.

Best merchandise: LEGO Star Wars.

Best sample or favorite effect: It’s more a plugin than an effect, but I really love using Sonarworks Reference 4, especially when I work with headphones.

What do you miss the most: Experiencing music on a good sound system from time to time.

A mix for winter: THIS

Your Favourite Music Movie: Not sure if it counts as a music movie, but I’d take PI from Darren Aronofsky.. The acid & jungle influenced soundtrack really fascinated me when I first watched it and it still amazes me today.

Someone you’d like to thank: I would like to thank my grandmother for constantly keeping me updated with memes, selfies and words of advice via WhattsApp.

Favorite Colour: Blue.


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Foto by Lydia Naomi