Rosa Anschütz

Last time you danced: I am dancing almost every day. At night I usually start making music, finding myself in most productive jam sessions or mixing podcasts. Switching on the LED Panel on my wall helps to transform the very same room into something more neutral. Dancing in company still happens spontaneously, gladly I surround myself with people, that care about music as much as I do.

Best live music moment: The best Live show I have seen was Psyche in Barcelona. The performance of Darrin Huss pulled me closer and closer to the stage and into dancing. I remember feeling entirely blessed within my mind and body.

Favorite animal: The wasp. Her shape and her sound, we directly react to when we hear it somewhere close.

Best merchandise: I am not a collector of merchandise. Except one Shirt of the Band Coil, that I care a lot about.

Best sample or favorite effect: Definitely the Reverb. The Effect allows me to ennlarge my surrounding. I feel very safe and salvaged.

A mix for winter: This mix by Jamie Tiller and Tako is already 6 years old. I am still getting back to it from time to time. Something I think of, as we get closer to Winter.

Your Favourite Music Movie: Suspria with the music by Thom Yorke really impressed me.

Someone you’d like to thank: I can always thank my producer Jan Wagner for beeing this journey with me. My sisters in Berlin and Vienna.

Favorite Colour: Blue


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Foto by Anna Breit