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aamourocean (he/him)

amourocean is a condensed version of the future of electronic music. After a few singles, he released in 2018, the EP “Enjoy The Silence” on Casual Gabberz records, with the clip “Journey Of Force” and the dancers Edx & Mich who accompany him since on stage. He followed up with a second EP on CGR in 2020 “Parmi Les Mortels” and a single on the Nadsat compilation: “Ecchi” accompanied by a video game created for the occasion. He shakes the borders between Psy-Trance, Gabber and Techno. Several collaborations to his credit; with the brand Koché and his track “Cyan Teen” but also for the final of the Défilé (what a year), with the company La Horde for the piece “To The Bone” of which he made the soundtrack but also films since he composed the soundtracks of L’ ge Atomique of Héléna Klotz and Diamantino, Jessica Forever, Jeunesse or Vandal. His productions are very popular because he produced for Catnap, TDJ and Namasenda that he recently remixed but also Maud Geffray. Surely one of the best producers of the FR electro scene, aamourocean is about to release a first original album with the artist Détente, stay tuned… 

Antonia XM (she/her)

Antonia XM is a DJ, producer, vocalist and label curator based in Vienna, Austria.
In 2016 Antonia co-founded the label Ashida Park aiming to build an accessible platform for new and unconventional forms of club- and experimental music, visual art and digital dialog. Antonia’s productions and DJ sets range from harsh gabber, techno or trance to nostalgic ambient or noise, all the way to dreamy pop compositions, always building on heavy emotions somewhere in between intimacy and excess. Antonia has released tracks on various labels such as Soulfeeder, Hard Trade, Paynomindtous, Cime and Ashida Park. At present, she is studying electroacoustic and experimental music at the University for music and performing arts in Vienna.

Klimentina Li (she/her) – Visuals

Klimentina Li’s primary focus lies on interaction; her work ranges from play strategies and stage-based concepts to audio-visual compositions. Throughout her narratives, she observes alternative approaches to immersive experiences.

AUA&ANGST (they/them)

(soft spot) 

aua&angst is part of the queer feminist collective soft spot. The Vienna-based artist wants to mix sensitive sets. Their sound is shifting between distorted pop, breakbeats, femme vibes, ballroom and everything that resonates with moving bodies on the dancefloor. Sometimes leaving the stage to mingle with the dancers, is some of their queer-feministic twists to demystify DJing.

Aya (she/her)

aya is actually a real person from the North. Her work is primarily concerned with the transfigurative power of experience and memory on the physical body. aya’s heavily anticipated debut LP ‘im hole’ is set for release with Hyperdub on October 22nd. she has previously released music with Local Action, 2BReal, Tri Angle Records, Astral Plane Recordings and Wisdom Teeth. She co-runs the label YCO with BFTT, a home things for all things Yes Come On. Asides from her philanthropic work as self-proclaimed First Lady of the Bootleg, aya is in her 3rd year of monthly radio residency with NTS, whom she loves with her whole heart.

BABYNYMPH (she/they)

  • With a sound that screams hyper-femininity, while twisting in an ironically exaggerated masculinity, BABYNYMPH’s music boasts a range of references from deconstructed club with complex sound design to Ibiza summer hits, slutty pop and SoundCloud rap.

    Drawing predominantly from trans-feminine influences and online culture, as well as their close friends who make up the erupting party scene around them; BABYNYMPH is carving out a hyper-augmented, meticulously engineered, pornopop landscape of sound with each new release.

  • Soundcloud
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Balance Festival 

The feminist Balance / Club Culture Festival is an interface between progressive club culture and social critique and has been taking place in Leipzig, Germany, since 2018. With its interdisciplinary program of music, art and discourse, the festival explores the political significance of club culture in society, its role in multiple communities and its contribution to technological and cultural progress.

Vanessa A. Opoku (she/her)

The electrifying new production by visual artist, filmmaker and DJ Vanessa Opoku with choreographer and dancer Elle Fierce and DJ and musician AUCO, created as part of the 2021 festival, will be presented again as part of the Hyperreality Festival. The floor will be opened by Gal and AENIS from Balance Kollektiv. We also invited ariesfallenangel (New World Dysorder, No Shade, Dollhouse) to join us in Vienna.

Be prepared for a stunning visual impression by Vanessa A. Opoku. Vanessa is a visual artist and DJ, living and working in Berlin. 

By means of film and photography, animation, 3D scanning and AI, her work explores the borderlands of mixed reality. Her first solo exhibition at Synnika Frankfurt has just opened, where the artist not only asks questions about identity, but also answers them with self-empowerment by placing the statements generated by the AI in a context that gives rise to a decided stance.

Elle Fierce (they/them)

Elle Fierce, a trans-non-binary, jamaican-irish artist, performer and activist born in Great Britain connects radical political claims and experiences of being a black trans body with methods of dance in their provocative, engaging and highly skilled work. Elle has been a professional ballet and modern dancer performing on stages all over the world, now working as a freelance artist with a residency at Akademie der Künste der Welt (ADKDW), DEMASK Kollektiv und Integrationshaus e.V. in Cologne.

AUCO (they/them)

Auco is a Berlin based DJ whose sets bring heat to every stage they play at. Their style is a genre-bending deconstructed club music experience influenced by Gqom, Jersey club, as well as old-school Jungle, Garage, and Ragga, paying tribute to their South London roots. Together with Neana, they are hosting a monthly show on cashmere radio called “infinite quest”.


ARIESFALLENANGEL is also a Berlin based digital file jokey. Her cross genre bending mixes will bring you on a wave of emotions blending ambient with heavy bass music and electro taking you from the bedroom to the dancefloor. She is part of collectives like New World Dysorder, No Shade and Dollhouse. 

Cakes Da Killa (he/him)

Rashard Bradshaw, better known by his stage name Cakes Da Killa, is a Brooklyn-based rapper and writer. Cakes is a leading figure of the queer hip-hop explosion in New York that took place in 2011. His witty flow and unapologetic delivery helped push him to the forefront of discussion as the media’s interest in LGBTQ+ visibility and themes in hip-hop heightened.  His presence in music and media championed the acceptance of openly gay artists in hip-hop but Cakes’ journey in music began as a fluke. While being enrolled in Montclair State University Cakes would record videos of himself rapping just for fun. The idea of an openly gay artist in rap was still a farfetched concept at the time. His love of rhyming and wordplay was first discovered in High School when he would participate in rap battles in the cafeteria but a career in music never crossed his mind. It wasn’t until he was asked to appear on the 2011 Downtown Mayhem Vol. 1 compilation mixtape that he realized his hobby for lyrics could be an easy way to a couple drink tickets and free entry at his favorite bar and clubs in the city. Fast forward to 2013 and Mishka NYC’s website releases Cakes’ first official mixtape The Eulogy to overwhelming popularity when it was reviewed positively by Pitchfork and Anthony Fantano of the Needledrop. Miles Raymer of Pitchfork compared his raunchy style to Lil’ Kim and praised the production of the mixtape. According to an interview in PAPER magazine the mixtape’s title originally referred to Cakes’ plan to end his musical career after its release to focus on journalism, but he’s since changed his mind. He remains a staple for alternative voices in music, promoting black excellence as well as LGBTQ+ visibility garnering the MC praise from the likes of Red Bull, Afropunk and The Fader. Mixing 90’s grit with high energy club beats Cakes’ unique persona quickly cemented him as one of the most dynamic lyricists to hit airwaves fusing hip-hop, electronic and dance. A string of singles, collaborations with respected producers such as LSDXOXO, Honey Dijon and DJ Shiftee, mixtapes Hunger Pangs (2014) and #IMF (2015), television appearances on VH1’s LHH: Out in Hip Hop Special (2015) VICE’s Gaycation (2016), sponsorships, syncs and tours around the world finally prompted the release of his much anticipated debut album Hedonism in the fall of 2016.  In 2019 Cakes appeared as a contestant on Netflix’s original series Rhythm + Flow where he continued the dialogue about representation in hip-hop. A new EP was released by Classic Music Company/Defected in November 2020 and is entitled MUVALAND featuring lead single »Don Dada.« Follow up EP MUVALAND Vol. 2 was released in July 2021 by London’s HE.SHE.THEY. collective. »These pair of Muvaland EPs started as quarantine projects, but within the canon of rap music, queer or otherwise, they will be remembered as the shift in Cakes da Killa’s career when it all came together—when both his persona and his talent went supernova.« Pitchfork, 2021

Chernobyl Collective

The name of our Collective that we developed from a social critique referring to the city of Chernobyl (UC) where a nuclear accident occurred causing many deaths and leading to genetic deformation of several people who lived in its surroundings  for subsequent generations.  

The experiment is based precisely on the appropriation and resignification of the name, due to attacks that occur virtually  where they use the term “chernobyl” as oppression for dissident bodies. 

In Brazil many people are called Chernobyl as a pejorative term indicating a deformity, being these: Bicha (Faggot), Travesti  (Tranny), Gorda (Fat), Black People and among other dissenting performativities of the cis heteronormative white pattern. 

Currently Brazil is the country that kills most LGBTQIA+ people in the world, many cases of hate and prejudice are imposed  and professed by several factors, but exclusively the Protestant religious (Christianity). This population that is LGBTQI,  respect. Therefore, trying to target new life perspectives and policies. 

We try to create support networks, securities, elevation of self-esteem, representativeness, join forces between peers,  self-management and disseminate knowledge transforming what would be abnormal and possibly a normal source.

Slim Soledad (she/her)

Slim Soledad multi-artist, born Guarulhos – São Paulo/BR, currently  living in Berlin.   

Her body moves through the different sounds inter-passing rhythms  like Baile Funk, Vogue and contemporary d     dances. These connections  develop nuances in her body’s creative process as a performer and  in her musical production. Co-founder the queer collective Chernobyl  that caters to a BPOC and LGBTQIA+ audience in Brazil. 

Soledad fries, bulldozes, and rewires a wide range of sounds into  vibrant sonic mêlées. 

“I think that since I was very young I have a relationship with art, I  mean with music and dance mainly. I believe they were things that  marked my childhood and who I am today, I remember my parents  always listened to music and we always went once a month to my  uncles house where they had parties and sometimes there was a  “dance championship” between the adults and everyone had a lot of  fun.” 

Eric (she/her)

Multi-artist 23 years old, born in São Paulo/BR. 

Graduated in Events Production at Technical School of Sāo  Paulo.  

Co-founder the queer collective Chernobyl that caters to a  BPOC and LGBTQIA+ audience in Brazil. 

Performed at Fyodor together with Brazilian artist Rafael  Menova (2017). Performed at the opening of Sesc paulista  with the collective Africa plus size Brazil (2018). One of the  protagonists of the short film Negrum3 directed by Diego  Paulino (2018). Participated in the art direction of the music  video of Elza Soares – O que se cala (2018). Acted in the film  the tram directed by Asaph luccas (2019).


Chippy Nonstop (she/her)

Chippy Nonstop got her name for a reason. She is an audacious, undeniable party starter with a penchant for travelling the world and always bringing her unique energy.  As a sound selector she makes the dance floor shake, but there’s much more to the story. Chippy is a DJ, rapper, songwriter, writer, producer, activist and organizer of community events. She is of Indian descent, but is more of a cultural nomad; she was born in Dubai, grew up in Zambia, has citizenship in Canada, lived in Los Angeles, Oakland, New York, and currently resides in Toronto after a very public deportation.  Chippy Nonstop is currently working on new music-related endeavours including a project called ‘Intersessions’, a sound initiative curated by and for women & the LGBTQ+ community. Chippy strives for balanced representation in music by producing these global workshop. In an interview with Paper Mag, Chippy spoke about her first song of 2021, an ethereal banger featuring dj genderfluid, entitled ‘To Myself’. Nonstop is gearing up for an exciting year full of new releases.

COBRAH (she/her)

COBRAH started her music career playing unreleased music at fetish and underground clubs in Sweden and grew to book festivals before releasing any music. 

In 2019 she self released her first single IDFKA and received a Swedish Grammy nomination for her directional work on the music video. Same year, COBRAH started her own label and released her debut EP ‘ICON’ that was met with great reviews from tastemakers like Nick Grimshaw, and Charli XCX. 

The EP is an experimental take on EDM while lyrically diving into her background as a lost queer teenager looking to find herself. In spring 2021 she released her self-titled second EP ‘COBRAH’. The EP leads us further into her musical world, continuously exploring new sounds while keeping the signature of her songwriting ever so present. 

COBRAH’s known for her strong visual aesthetic, experimental sound and high energy live performances. 

DJ Fuckoff (she/her)

Who is taking the global bass underground by storm? It’s DJ Fuckoff Bitch! The New Zealand-born DJ, Producer and MC has come a long way since arriving in Berlin with nothing but a dream and a backpack: From smashing warehouse raves, turning streams into fully-fledged dance-off’s or casually mashing-up renowned dance floors, Fuckoff’s relentless positive energy and refreshingly nonchalant style have earned her a serious hype and a loyal following. Breaking through under the unlikely circumstances of full lockdown and after her steamy HÖR debut went viral, Fuckoff’s productions instantly turned heads. With her signature provocative lyrics, breakneck speed and energy-laden twists, standouts like “B.I.M.B.” and her contribution to “Trick” by Dagga have become instantly recognizable DJ favorites that saw releases on the likes of International Chrome & none/such recordings. While her DJ debut had to be postponed for over a year, Fuckoff wasted no time to blow the roof off parties. Dealing dancefloor damage around Berlin & neighbouring countries, she serves a fast-paced mixing style with unapologetic blends across various shades of the hardcore spectrum. On top of her energetic mixing, her standout live PA’s add an extra threat to her shows, regularly sending ravers into a craze. While channeling a distinctively youthful energy, DJ Fuckoff’s roots go way back: Literally growing up at early Bush Doof’s organized by her parents, electronic music has been integral from the earliest of ages. After cutting her teeth as a producer and MC on throwback hip hop productions, her focus soon shifted to electronic music. While being thoroughly informed by previous generations of dance music, DJ Fuckoff’s own take – as the name suggests – doesn’t fear eroding genres, standards and stereotypes.

Farce (all/keine Pronomen)

Veronika J. König (*1997 in the Black Forest), studied in Vienna, swapped black metal and punk for a computer while still in her teens – FARCE was born. First EP and concerts in Vienna’s underground, discovered by journalist Katharina Seidler, airplay on FM4, Im Sumpf. In 2018, the Austrian festival hattrick of Popfest, Donaufestival and Hyperreality, with the album ‘Heavy Listening’ attracting Europe-wide attention. FARCE remains experimental, but becomes more refined, more accessible. 2020 marks the next release, Trauma Bounce, which makes it into the FM4 charts and worldwide radio, as does the single ,,Déjà Vu” with Aether Kombo, which becomes a No. 1. Cooperations with Fauna, Clara Luzia, Aether Kombo follow. FARCE is (co-)producer of acts like Anthea, Sakura and Juno Lee. At home in the feminist underground as well as the international avant-garde, König is passionate about promoting and educating young talent in the queer music scene. In May of 2022, the new album Not To Regress will be released, eliciting a tear of emotion even from the cold stone walls of St. Stephen’s Cathedral. FARCE will present this album in full for the first time ever at Hyperreality 2022.

DJ Jackhammer (she/her)

DJ Jackhammer, aka Frau Chef, currently based in Austria and the Netherlands, is a hardcore dj famous for her astonishing early gabber and millennium hardcore sets. Apart from that she enjoys playing anything between oldschool house, terror, drum n bass and much more. With fellow stunning djs Relatic and Distortina she runs the monthly radio show Busy Action as well as the event series Hardcore Penetration.

Katarina Gryvul (she/her)

Katarina Gryvul is a Ukrainian born composer, sound artist, music producer, violinist and educator. In her work she focuses on a varieties of timbres, sound textures and mixing organic, classical music with progressive forms of electronic music production. Gryvul studied in Lviv and Krakow at the Music Academy. Currently, she is studying computer music and sound art at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz. Her pieces were performed at festivals such as: Ars Electronica, Audio Art Festival, International Festival of Contemporary Music “Poznańska Wiosna Muzyczna”, Ecosistema Sonico, Vox Electronica, Contrasts International Contemporary Music Festival, and many others. Gryvul is a Member of the first music catalog of Ukrainian music, participant of Gaude Polonia – scholarship of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Poland, 37th General Assembly of International Confederation of Electroacoustic Music, has won the Scholarship ofthe President of Ukraine for young artists and writers, the Grand Prix ofmusic and sound design “Power of Young”, and was selected as awinner of the Scorefollower ‘Fall 2019’. In 2021 she opened her own music school for composition,instrumentation, music theory and music production.


LAN REX (they/them/Lens)

Lan Rex is a musician and artist working with sound, music, movement and video. Lan Rex moves with a tender vigor. Elaborate vocal arrangements are supported by supple synth sequences. Lan Rex is facing forces, shifting through large spaces and breathing in steady waves of sound, balancing out the pushes and pulls of our present. (Tender Matter).  Following the 2021 release of the EP “Absatz1” Lens Kühleitner composed a new set of songs, as part of a commissioned work by Hyperreality, which will be released collaboratively with Tender Matter.  The live show, conceptualized for the 2022 edition of Hyperreality, aims at creating a space in which the, to many, well know-ness of pop music invites one to follow the lead of ethereal vocals into droning synth and danceable kick sounds, accompanied by DIY stage design props, improvised sounds and movement scores. Central to the work is further the collaborative communitarian approach in fields of costume, mixing, design, live music and more. 

MAAY (she/they)

MAAY (they/she) is the project of multidisciplinary artist, musician, DJ, and  producer Mayte Stevani from Buenos Aires, who relocated to Berlin first, then  moved to Madrid where she joined the underground queer collective CULPA,  and now settled in Turin, Italy. MAAY has been touring all over Europe both  with her solo act and by DJing for the Argentinian artist Catnapp. Affiliated  with the cutting edge TRRUENO collective and label from Argentina’s capital,  her music absorbs fragments of trance’s melodic drive and incorporates  eerie, dark themes from industrial music to craft a very peculiar take on  contemporary hybrid club.

Meuko! Meuko! (she/her)

Meuko! Meuko! is a solo project of Taipei based artist Pon, the experimental music producer and live performer.  Meuko! Meuko! bursted into the experimental music scene in 2017 with her unique sound – its shadowy atmosphere  undercuts glitchy dance tracks loaded up with samples and toy noises together with A/V created in collaboration with  Taipei Based Visual & Installation group NAXS corp. Each performance contains improvisation and elements of new  works, combining disciplines of improvisation with conceptual ideas of noise, clubbing, strange sounds, field  recordings that conjure at times ritualistic performances with sources tracing back to Taiwan’s own spiritual landscape.  Between traditional religion and techno-animism, is the myriad of a cityscape with tropical humidity, it’s greenery  enveloping the molding concrete city blocks.   Release in 2018 on Danse Noire, ⻤島 Ghost Island blends mythology and instruments with electronic beats and  cacophonous samples on a release inspired by life in—and the urge to escape from—her home city of Taipei. ⻤島 Ghost Island is received as the epitome of merging traditional sounds with contemporary electronic music to bring  new purpose to this juxtaposition, using the harsh sounds of modern life to give her music a distinctly 21st-century  tension. “⻤島 Ghost Island Live A/V” by Meuko! Meuko! & NAXS corp. elevates audience experience of the mythical  world of ⻤島 Ghost Island and goes even further with its immersive VR space. As music traverses the anti-utopian  ruins of Ghost Island and Cyber-Dreamscape, the audience might find that this is not a fantasy or a fable, but the  mythological reality in which we all live. Based on Meuko! Meuko!’s dreamscape, NAXS corp. has built the lost world  that inhabits abandoned statues, floating ruins, stray dogs and hieroglyphics.   As a multi-format Audio-Visual project, has been presented in numerous festivals and Biennales all  over the world including: Transmediale (DE), Taiwan Biennale 2020 (TW), Sónar (HK), Primavera Sound (ES), Sonic  Acts (NL), Hyperreality by Wiener Festwochen(AT), Soft Centre (AU), L.E.V. Festival (ES), and WSK Festival (PH)  whether as Live A/V, online immersive experience in cyberspace, or VR installation. Ever since its inception Meuko!  Meuko! continues to tour across South/East Asia, China and Europe over more than 20 countries.  In 2020 Meuko! Meuko! presented “AFTERLIFE網路來⽣”, the online experimental project as a chief curator and  performer for the UNSOUND Festival 2020. Most recently she co-founded the online platform “0xCORE” with NAXS  corp., integrating techno-animism, virtual avatar and motion capture in an online multiplayer scape to experiment with  alternative methods of communication and experience with her vision of soundscape.  

Nastia Reigel (she/her)

A key figure in Russian techno community, Nastia Reigel started out by organizing illegal  dance parties in Siberia. That tenacity and dedication later found her in Saint Petersburg,  where she launched the first-ever queer parties in the city called Грань (Grahn’), the notoriety  of which was soon featured in DAZED. She spent years accumulating mixing techniques and  selection skills that have given her a unique voice as a musician and a DJ, along with a busy  touring schedule in Russia, Europe, Australia, and North and South America.   Nastia’s obsession with achieving deeper understanding of electronic music, modern art and  constant development of techno sound finds its reflection in her mixes and production. Her vinyl  releases ‘Trust, Intimacy’ and ‘Disarm To Surrender’ on Enemy Records demonstrate a perfect  balance of artistic taste, technical ability and has already garnered support from established  techno musicians. In 2020 her prolific producing continued as Nastia made her debut on TO KEN Records and NON Series.   As a multidisciplinary artist, Nastia has written music for several art-house films, which has  broadened her scope as a musician well beyond techno, to various other experimental audio  and visual projects. One of them is her post-punk alias Rosa Damask that first appeared on Vat ican Shadow’s Berghain Mix 09; soon after, she released an album on his widely revered  Hospital Productions label. 

POiSON ANNA (she/her)

An intoxicating, unique blend of dub, trip-hop and UK rap delivered with poise and personality, POiSON ANNA is one of the most singular and uncompromising British voices to emerge as of late. Debut mixtape ‘EXCELSiA’ was written as reactionary music to all of societies’ mishaps, from the abuse of power to the emergence of fake news; the project is ultimately a meditation on a very personal journey of self-discovery, reflection and the pursuit of truth in a broken and misguided society. This narrative is also reflected in the project’s artwork, the Breath of Gaia by Josephine Wall. The mixtape was produced alongside regular collaborator Mobbs. The project has already built-up support from the likes of Mary-Anne Hobbs and Benji B, had music feature in GTA V, and has collaborated with fellow artistic visionaries A$AP Rocky and Dean Blunt.

Rosa Anschütz (she/her)

Rosa Anschütz is a German artist, composer and vocalist based in Berlin and Vienna. 

Anschütz investigates and utilises various fields of Transmedia Arts with a focus on sound, object and  scenery including photography and film, creating a collage within and beyond her music. 

As a performer Anschütz embeds her reverberated voice – oscillating between singing and spoken words –  in the delicately constructed sound structures that she creates with guitar, bass, drum machine and  modular synthesizer.  Her voice softly floats without losing its depth through the ethereal and hypnotic  sound spheres – from the sacred, gloomy mood reminiscent of Nico to the post-punk aura of Joy Divisions. 

With the debut record „Rigid“, which came out on Quiet Love Records in 2019, Anschütz successfully  amalgamated her daily notes and rituals as well as the highs and lows of the emotions into the stunning  EP.   It was soon followed by „Votive“, her first full length album featuring a collection of nine ‘votives’,  through which the artist rendered not only her sonic gift but also the physical transformation of the  offerings as the ceramic objects.  The album „Votive“ received highly acclaimed reviews such as  ‘fascinating, captivating album down to the last chord’ to ‘an impressive work that sums up the world of  feelings.’  

DJ Fuck (he/they)

dj fuck is the manic turntablist alter ego of virtual artist Sam Rolfes, whose chopped up hyper-speed AV internet-music mashups have torn up stages with Danny L Harle, Lil Mariko, Dorian Electra, PC Music showcases, and many more in the experimental underground world. His sets are fast, manic, and collide CDJ instrumentalism with a spray of breakcore, hardstyle, hyperp*p, and assorted meme music. 

Tender Matter

Tender Matter is a collective and a record label founded in Vienna in 2019. Originating from the event series The Future that is part of Vienna’s independent electronic music scene since 2017, the label is focused on the collective’s objective to highlight and promote queer and nonconforming musicians with a DIY approach beyond genre or categorisation. 

Collaborating equally with local and international artists Tender Matter meets the future ready to defy the standards of the music industry to build a vibrant community of musicians bending genres and standing their ground.
Behind the label are Tony Wagner and Melissa Antunes de Menezes.
Tony Wagner is a musician and artist mainly working under the alias Tony Renaissance. They are promoting and highlighting the work of queer and gender nonconforming artists in electronic music as manager of Tender Matter, co-founder of the event series The Future and member of the Sounds Queer? collective. 

Melissa Antunes de Menezes is the founder of the event series The Future and co-founder of the music label Tender Matter. Within these collectives, Melissa works as label manager and music curator. Melissa is a journalist and a PhD candidate(AkBild) whose research focuses on experimental electronic music. 

HYEJI NAM (she/her)

Hyeji Nam is an interdisciplinary artist working across painting, sound composing, text, and performance.
Combining digital media and the physical body to question the relationship between our mind and digitized bodies, she explores themes like female masculinity and the politics of corporeality.
At Hyperreality Hyeji Nam foregrounds the acoustic aspect of her interdisciplinary artistic practice. Since 2021, the artist has released her work on the Viennese record label Tender Matter. Nam’s debut EP “Meta Love” was released via Tender Matter in November. Meditative sounds add another sensory level to her work. Thematic reference points remain intimacy, transience, post-digital identity, and vulnerability. The spherical, alienated sounds condense, creating a hypnotic effect – hiding one or the other sting, one or the other wound. 

TONY RENAISSANCE (they/he/no pronouns)

Establishing connections between soft and harsh sound spaces, Tony Renaissance is opening zones for the exploration of care and exaltation. Dealing with loss, lust, pain, desire, queer joy and transformation Tony Renaissance’s sound is seeking intensities. Sensitively constructed vocal compositions topped with spoken texts contrast rhythmic noise productions with distorted glitching vocals, pushing pulses up to 163bpm. Tony Renaissance released their EPs “Dreamreality” in 2020 and “Xxxerberus” in 2022 both on their label Tender Matter. 

LAMB KEBAB (she/her)

Berlin based Cuban-American artist Rachel de la Torre (aka Lamb Kebab) is best known for their visceral vocal and rap performances. Their productions employ chaotic breakbeat patterns, elements of Bass and Booty with a twist of sadism through a playful arrangement of sample based pattern making. Drawing inspiration from Giallo horror soundtracks and Dolly Parton, Lamb employs their lyrics as an exploration of amoral landscapes with topics ranging from abuse to teddy bears and sex work. Although relatively new to producing Lamb has cut out a niche for herself through collaborations with XVII, Imaabs, Reelle, Leo Luccinni and AC with corresponding releases. 


Voice, Keyboard, Modular Synth, Autoharp


Fragments of a never-ending experiment. Fragments of a love song that has never been played before. Fragments of a piece of childhood, which seems so odd. Fragments of a person wondering what it means to be whole. Fragments of sounds floating through the air like ghosts. Fragments of ideas that are similar to fish: difficult to capture. Fragments of moments, washed out and faded. Fragments of fragments. Fragen über Fragen.

Karo Preuschl released the tape “01” with the duo Snake Boots together with Tony Renaissance on Tender Matter. Karolina Preuschl projects: Wien Diesel, Snake Boots, die Husband, Coco Béchamel, MC Rhine, among others.

Therese Terror (she/her)

Therese Terror is a Vienna based DJ and promoter. She curates several lineups – especially in cultural contexts – and is an active supporter of gender equality and diversity within electronic music. She currently hosts a bi-monthly radio show „Guilty Pleasures“ on the Viennese community radio, Also she co-curates the series “DISHES” at Volkstheater Vienna, inviting artists from various experimental electronic music scenes. Her DJ sets take in a wide range of styles from techno, driving acid, trance and leftfield electronica to pop anthems; fast-paced and full of references to various eras of electronic music.

Wanton Witch (she/her)

Born in an isolated community of Borneo Island in 1993 Wanton Witch is a DJ and producer with a hyper-sensitive connection and approach to sound through performance.

Coming of age in the relative isolation of island life, it wasn’t until relocating to Bangkok
that she was able to access the different communities of musical genres that she would
later travel between. With an early taste for trap and hip hop, she began working in the
deconstructed club and techno scene where she found her musical voice, beginning her

DJ career in 2018. Wanton is also a cofounder and original member of Queer underground creative collective ‘Non Non Non’ that has become a Bangkok nightlife staple.

Being an “outsider” musician and producer with no formal training, it was the fortuitous crossing of paths online that has sparked the creative collaboration between Wanton and label owner and creative director Lucy. Last year Stroboscopic Artefacts celebrated ten years established between experimental and dance floor spectres and this is the first record the label is releasing after one year break, marking the launch of a new chapter for the imprint. It is with releases like the eponymous debut album from Wanton Witch and the support given to emerging artists like her that the imprint continues to forge pathways within the industry.

Featuring 11 tracks, these recordings are the first body of work from the Bangkok producer, and include many different snapshots of electronic music genres from IDM and experimental to hardcore and rave, using caustic electronics to deconstruct traditional track conventions. This collection of cuts read more as a complete soundscape, like listening to a live set. The phrenetic jump from genre to genre, the mixing of diverse sound textures and landscapes reflect Wanton Witch’s own experience navigating a hostile world as a Queer trans woman in Malaysia. The intense energy with which each track is cut together reminds the listener of the nostalgia of mixtapes and a time in life when identity is being constructed.

Wanton Witch has created an album which feels like a reflection of the aggregation that already exists within musical internet subcultures and communities. A place where many diverse and contrasting sound palettes, textures, and structures can fit together to create a new different, Queer way of seeing the world. Plumbs the depths of her lived
experience to produce a chaotic and scathingly honest portrait of her state of being. Her electrostatic landscapes ruthlessly pursue their own interests, building rickety bridges between the rhythmic propulsion of hardcore and a darkened rave anti-euphoria. A cubist dancefloor sensibility unfurls, its protracted beats inviting the throwing of impossible shapes. The complexities inform the structure, or lack thereof, of wanton’s music and results in wildly avant-garde works of sound design formulated to go for the jugular. Each one is more sonic collage than song, aural mood boards of textures and atmospherics which sees her dealing with her experiences in real time. At its core, wanton’s modus operandi is to allow for an understanding of the trans experience by way of empathy. This makes for a vision wrought with vulnerability and heartfelt honesty to the point that wanton’s compositions become alarmingly accessible. It arrives as another sublime body of work that utilises and subverts the conventions of electronic music to humanise the experience of being other.

In conclusion of wanton’s rousing debut year of 2021, her album was humbly selected and featured as one of the Best albums of 2021 by Resident advisor, Mixmag Japan and many more. Shortly after, label head Lucy released a full length album named ‘Lucy Plays Wanton Witch’ featuring re-interpretations of the original material in a whole new body of work. This is a follow up full-length album by Lucy not approached as a usual remixes record, but instead a fully fleshed out new body of work with the WW material being an integral part of Lucy’s sonic palette.

With an earnest appetency of growing as an artist, wanton is set to make her European debut in May 2022.