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Antonia XM

Process (Antonia XM)
The „DEMONS“ EP was created over a long period of time, most of it during the draining lockdowns in 2021 and beginning of 2022. The EP is very personal to me, each song is in a different way about some kind of fight with internal or external demons. „DEMONS“ is my first body of work and it was really hard for me to finish the songs and finally let go. The process of preparing for the live show (my first ever) at Hyperreality helped a lot with fighting this particular demon, the fear of letting go and moving on – and in this case – sharing my music with the outside world. In the end, getting all the tracks ready to be played to an audience, was one of the most exciting & beautiful processes I’ve ever been through. I wanna say some special thanks for supporting me during this time to Michele who helped preparing all the live versions, to Yuri who practiced with me patiently and had to deal with me being extremely nervous over weeks, to Parsa who rehearsed with me & Markus who helped with all the organization and general support. Klimentina Li created the visual concept of my dreams (or you can also call those nightmares if you want.) And finally big s/o to Hvala Ilija who styled me for the gig & Parnia Sarraf who did my makeup.

Klimentina Li


Since the moment when we started talking about the visuals with Antonia, one thing was clear, a game was about to be created. In my usual process, I begin with building a narrative, a visual novel in which the music is the main act. In the case of the EP “Demons,” I was already very familiar with many of the songs before I started working, which made them feel like familiar territory in which I have already been. Therefore, I decided to recreate each piece as a terrain, an empty town, where Antonia is running thru. Since she is represented as a third-person character in this game, the viewpoint got us to ask the question, who is behind actually playing the game?

All tracks written and performed by Antonia XM

„Prologue”, „Flawed“, „Demons“, „Ghost u“ & „Outnumbered“ produced by Antonia XM

„Exit“ produced by Sineraw
Additional production to „Ghost u“ by Michele Sinatti
„Prologue“, „Flawed“, „Ghost u“, „Outnumbered“ & „Exit“ mixed and mastered by Michele Sinatti
„Demons“ mixed and mastered by Dino Spiluttini

Vocal premix to „Ghost u“ by Parsa Sarraf

Artwork by Cavecanems (Darío Alva)

Photo by Daria Savytska

Shirt by Larissa Falk