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FLOOR 1 / Halle F

Hyperreality will open Friday with an eagerly awaited album release: German composer and singer Rosa Anschütz will debut her album “Goldener Strom,” which is already being praised as an impressive work.

Antonia XM, co-founder of the label Ashida Park, is known not only for her sets between hard gabber, techno and experimental pop, but now also for her own and very catchy music. Part of the new EP is a commissioned work of the festival, presented live with visuals by Klimentina Li.

Cakes Da Killa has already started in 2011 to implement his passion for rhymes and beats professionally – at a time when it was still unthinkable to be an openly queer rapper; long before a Lil Nas X, but shoulder to shoulder with Mykki Blanco or House of Ladosha. In 2022 at Hyperreality, he will present his new single and offers first glimpses of his new record. 

Before that, aua&angst will be creating the appropriate mood. In their sets, they like to switch to the other side of the DJ booth to dance with their audience. The demystification of DJing is seen by aua&angst as part of their queer feminist work in the soft spot collective.

The two members of the Brazilian collective Chernobyl, XD_eric and Slim Soledad, both work on the same utopia in different ways. The Ukrainian city name “Chernobyl” is used as an insult in Brazil to hurt people whose bodies do not conform to the heteronormative white norm. Brazil is currently the place in the world where the highest number of LGBTQIA+ people are killed. Through their work as a collective and by reappropriating such slurs, Chernobyl aims to fight for respect and safety for their community. 

DJ Fuckoff – as her name suggests – will dismantle any genres, standards and stereotypes at the closing of the evening of the night. The DJ, producer and MC from New Zealand has a steadily growing following since her viral HEAR debut set. In addition to her energetic mixes, it’s the live PA’s that give her sets a momentum of awesomeness.


FLOOR 1 / Halle F

21:00 Rosa Anschütz ALBUM RELEASE
22:00 Antonia XM (VIE) Showcase
23:30 aua&angst (VIE)
00:30 Cakes Da Killa
01:45 xd_eric / Chernobyl Collective
03:00 Slim Soleded / Chernobyl Collective
04:30 DJ Fuckoff