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VIENNA 19-20 MAY 2023

Hyperreality 2023 took place on Zukunftshof

Her name may derive from the Turkish word for ‘different’, but its energy translates into every aspect of Bashkka’s self-expression. from slaying the dancefloor with sensually acerbic sets to her ardent advocation of the cultural, political and de-colonial advancement of electronic music, Bashkka is breathing fresh air into the scene with everything she sets her mind to.

Irreversibly shaped by a decade living in New York and the black & brown trans women who inspired her truest incarnation, Bashkka brings the flavour and authenticity of the Big Apple’s ballroom scene to every party she plays. from her hometown residency at Munich’s Blitz Club to Berghain’s Panorama Bar, where she’s quickly become a regular, her sets channel an intoxicating energy that’s self-professedly “cunt!”

And on the other side of the booth, Bashkka’s unapologetic integrity is echoed in her unwavering activism and commitment to her community. through her vocal politics and dedication to swana and queer representation in the scene, Bashkka is reimagining the counter-cultural potential of electronic music’s origins for the contemporary club sphere. Her debut EP, forthcoming in 2023, will see Bashkka’s brazen attitude blended with a highly underrated technical prowess.


BEX (she/her) is a Ghanaian-born, up-and-coming artist from Vienna. Her path to music was rather unconventional, but that’s what makes her journey so eclectic. She has always had a love for music and has been writing poetry as a hobby since her youth. A hobby that became a passion through the persuasion of her best friend. A passion that allows her to express herself in her most authentic form. In 2021, she started working on her sound. From then on, she has paired her confidence and skills with the right amount of explicit content to allow her listeners to take a break from their reality to escape into her fantasy.

Her debut as an artist began with two features on W1ZE’s EP “Down Low,” which was nominated for Best Sound at the 2022 Amadeus Austrian Music Awards. BEX once again proved her versatility with her next feature on the Nono Punch-produced track “Bounce,” effortlessly merging her rhymes and flows with the beat to create a perfect powerhouse banger. Bounce entered Vienna’s FM4 charts and made it clear that BEX is here to stay! In November 2022, she officially released her debut single “Midnight Playground”, with which she gained her second entry into the FM4 charts.

Within a very short period of time, the young artist has created her own space to blossom. But this is just the beginning. Her next projects are in the pipeline, but how they will sound or what genre they will belong to remains to be seen. One thing is for sure though, you can always expect the unexpected from BEX, after all her personal favorite verse comes from none other than the rap legend Lil Wayne: “Real G’s move in silence like lasagna”.



bossschnuffi is the alias of the viennese designer, organizer and curator Marlene Kager. Their work is situated in the fields of arts and culture, especially focusing on music within club culture. They’re one third of the collective dishes aswell as part of the festival and collective Hyperreality hosting annual events in Vienna, Austria. They love trees and the water. 



yynona, aka Winona Hudec, is a Vienna based designer, DJ, and co-organizer/-curator of the event series Augend&Addend. In their sets as well as in their curatorial practice their interest lies in the hybridization of different moods, bpms, genres as well as the dispersal of the common separation of club, listening session and concert.


Dino Spiluttini (he/him) is a composer and producer based in Vienna, Austria. His approach to contemporary electronics is one of precarious emotional dynamics and elegant harmony. Often in his expressive music anxiety and brooding interrupt yearnings for fulfilment and respite. With meti- culous production, Spiluttini draws dramatic scenarios with scrunched, refined sinews: thrashing evocations of troubled embodiment, frustrated identity, or worldly unease.

Following Heaven (Editions Mego, 2019), which contemplated death, reunion and bodily per- fection in restless encounters between choirs, organs, harps and pads, Spiluttini has returned to a more focused and minimalistic approach to electronic composition. Using mainly the Roland JP-8080 (an instrument famous for its role in the sonic identity of mid-90s trance) and a small modular system, he is merging kick-less dance music, with computer music aesthetics and R‘n‘B acapellas.


Miss Parker (they/them) is a queer non-binary DJ, producer, community organizer, and promoter based in Brooklyn, NY. who navigates through eclectic styles of dance music like Trance, Techno, Acid, and Hardstyle, and an array of research based dance music.

Miss Parker is known for creating rave ready and thought provoking mixes that without a doubt have you sweating. Miss Parker has played at various parties and venues in NYC such as Paragon, Basement, Nowadays, Bossa Nova, Rash, F.I.S.T., Club Carry, Nosferatu, C Minus, XMPZ, and in Berlin HOR, NRG Castle w/Dj Mantis (Trauma Bar), ACUD, and Kwia. Miss Parker’s first NYC party “In Trance We Trust” at the defunct 444 Club drew crowds that were new to the classic and expansive genre of Trance, creating an atmosphere that encourages dancers to lose themselves and find themselves on the dance floor to styles of Trance ranging from Ibiza/Love Parade style to ambient. Their newest bi-monthly residency party, Oasis, at Nowadays is a hybrid event that showcases massive live hardware sets and mind expanding DJ mixes by the most clever musicians and DJs. 


DJ Terror

Active since 2014, DJ Terror is a Vienna based DJ and promoter. She curates several lineups – especially in cultural contexts – and is an active supporter of gender equality and diversity within club culture. She hosts a monthly radio show „That’s Hot“ on the Leipzig based community radio, Callshop Radio. Also she co-curates the series “DISHES”, inviting artists from various experimental electronic music scenes. She is associated with the Vienna based collective BLISS as well as Hyperreality – Festival for Club Culture. Her DJ sets take in a wide range of styles from techno, driving acid, D’n’B, trance and leftfield electronica to pop anthems; fast-paced and full of references to various eras of electronic music. 


Katia Curie

Vienna-based artist Katia Curie is originally from Kyiv, a city known for its rich club scene and specific sound. With a background in classical music and countless hours spent on the dance floor as a teenager, electronic music and the culture have always been more than just fun for her. She is the kind of Dj who is constantly digging deep to find that one mesmerising dance track no one knows, particularly expressing notes of the nineties and early 00s sound. After being a resident Dj at PRST for three years, she continues to host regular parties as part of the Sonic Resistance collective.


Flower Crime (she/her) aka Hannah Hansel was born in Frankfurt and has been based in Vienna since 2013. 

Through her studies in art at the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna she soon became part of Viennas music scene.

Her sets are an invitation to take a trip into a hypnotic journey, hard and minimal at the same time.

She’s one of the most relentless techno djs this city has to offer and one of the few who started producing as well. After her debut EP “Kalte Fließen” she is working currently on her first album. Dubby vibes, hazy vocals, twisted electronics, listen to Flower Crime and get a lesson in minimalist cool.  


GAEL (she/her)

GAEL is a DJ/producer from Dagestan, previously based in Kyiv and Odesa, currently displaced to Berlin. GAEL specializes in delivering remarkable energy, style, and attitude through the margins of techno and experimental electronics. They also extend to music scores productions, art installations and live performances under the alias shemovesshe. GAEL has released on labels such as Standard Deviation and BITE records while their gig schedule has been replenished by appearances at Berghain, Radion, Blitz, Mala Junta, Maricas and ∄ (also known as K41) in Kyiv, where GAEL is also holding a residency at the queer party ХІТЬ.


GNEVER (Laura Hatting, also known as Mariähymen die Ekelhafte or DJ Pechmarie/fuck off and die) centers around experiences and expressions of violence. Evil is a point of no return and loneliness is just another limit to overcome. May your pain, too, turn to anger.


isocialbutterflyy (POSSY) (she/her)

isocialbutterflyy, artist, costume designer and dj, based in Vienna founded POSSY in 2018 due to a lack of FLINTA* visibility in Hamburgs Club culture.

In her work, she is investigating on interdisciplinary and unknown images in sound, film and theatre.

Musicwise, spherical surfaces get mixed with housy and breaking beats and influences from diverse genres, such as pop, jungle, rnb and trance.


Izzy Spears – Kendra Swinton (he/him), Pablo Meléndez (hey/him), Isaac Benyamin (he/him)

Izzy Spears is a songwriter, vocalist, arranger, and composer from Atlanta. He launched himself onto the music scene in 2019 with the Anonymous Club, a collective of artists, designers, and musicians hand-selected by Shayne Oliver, a fashion designer, musician, and founder of the New York City high fashion brand Hood By Air. With the elite group, Spears has released three singles, including “Bleedinout” and “Backdoor,” both of which appear on Anonymous Club’s 2021 album SCREENSAVERS VOL 1. His debut single ‘FIST’ was released Late August 2022 and featured on Spotify top playlists Anti Pop, New Music Fridays and the cover of Fresh Finds. His latest single, Bad News,” was released in September and has amassed thousands of streams and features on New Music Fridays + Global, Fuzzy and singled out. His music is a fusion of numerous genres, including rock, punk, hip hop, and grunge, that blend together to create his own unprecedented sound.

Spears, who is now based in Los Angeles, is coming off a European tour with platinum-selling artist Yves Tumor, where he gave fans a taste of his upcoming EP and received an enthusiastic response in return. He’s worked with other prominent artists including LEECH and Grammy-nominated producer Chris Greatti and recently performed at the Boiler Room in New York City. Spears most recent achievements also include a support tour for TR/ST including press features for Office, Autre and HYPEBEAST.


Born in 1998, Warsaw-based Julian Płoski (he/him) has recently been making noise among the Polish experimental scene. Despite being only 24, he can already boast about taking part in various residencies, performing dozens of gigs, including two at UNSOUND (which described him as “being on the forefront of a new wave of very young electronic producers in Poland”), or founding an ever-fluid glamour.label.

Julek’s critically acclaimed debut album “Tesco” saw him shoplifting field recordings while hunting for discount groceries, then genuinely fusing them with bare elements of contemporary club music or IDM into ominous, industrial sound collages.

The second LP – “śpie” – released in Czech Gin&Platonic led the listener through extensive hypnagogia occuring during the onset of sleep, with all of its abrupt deflections one may eventually take while attempting to enjoy a quality rest.

Then, he revealed “Human Sapiens Ep” (Pointless Geometry) – his clubby coming out, being a colorful, sparkling opera about trying to feel like a human in Poland. Now, he’s working on his third, epic, orchestral LP for Orange Milk Records.


Artist/music producer Krista Papista (she/her) performs her latest LP “Fucklore“. Expect a Pop/Middle Eastern/Greek shit show & computerised Punk music.  

Fucklore is a shitshow of Greek, Middle Eastern & Balkan music collaged with computerised queer punk. As for the lyrics, they oscillate between the poetic, the absurd and the sexually explicit, sometimes functioning as reflections on our current moment of (political, financial, cultural, and environmental) collapse, melding the personal with the political. In the album’s track list, a song on five hours of period cramps follows a song on the murders of migrant women by an army officer in Cyprus. Their story is most hauntingly evoked in the album’s cover that pictures the dark red waters of a dam that punctuates the landscape like a gigantic open wound, this is where the bodies of Livia, Elena, Maricar, Sierra, Asmitta and Mary Rose were found between 2016-2018. With this in mind, Fucklore is not just an attempt to re-imagine the possibilities of folk music. It is also a protest against tactics of oppression, discrimination and marginalization. 


LA Timpa (he/him) was born in Lagos, Nigeria and immigrated to Toronto, Canada at the age of 6. In 2019 Timpa released his debut album Equal Amounts Afraid with London label o___O?, followed by Modern Antics in a Deserted Place (Halcyon Veil) and most recently Pity by One All Good Treasure (o___O?) as well as his second EP “Ball Room” (self released) both released in 2022. Since the beginning of the project in 2015, he has collaborated with several artists like Tricky, Klein, Space Afrika, Rosie Marks and more. As well as soundtrack work for fashion brands Burberry (Ad) and Marine Serre for their Spring/Summer 2022 Collection Film (which won ‘best music’ award at Athens Fashion Film Fest in 2023). Timpa’s roots in DJ’ing are showcased in recording various live mix’s and radio broadcasts (NTS, Ormside Projects, RINSE FM and others..) and audio “Self Respect (I’m part of it all)” featured on the compilation “MUSIC”, released in 2021. Timpa is credited under various video works under his own project as well as with frequent collaborator Kathryn Tompkins. In 2020 he collaborated and released video: website “Can you see it” with Klein and is editor and creator of website (est. 2015).


Since 2018, NYC’s LEYA has occupied a space between many worlds, releasing work that equally encompasses beguiling Medieval song, modern folk, and their own classical-meets-pop language rooted in weird sensuality. The duo is anchored by harpist Marilu Donovan (she/her), who uses a unique tuning system designed for LEYA, while bandmate Adam Markiewicz (he/him) blends operatic vocals in multiple languages with warm violin tones, centering on a sound that is instantly recognizable, otherworldly, and often uneasy. Their young catalog spans two albums, a collaborative-based mixtape, a porn, and a slew of other works.

LEYA’s debut release, 2018’s The Fool (NNA Tapes), introduces many of their core elements: stillness and simple-feeling songs, the arc of the merged violin and vocals, and the beautiful, disturbed feeling of the harp’s chordal movements. There is a dirtiness to the release that is an oft-defining element in LEYA’s recorded work, an imperfect viscerality and simplicity reflected in the songs and their sound. The second half of the album features three collaborations – Eartheater, Sunk Heaven, and PC Worship – a small topography of LEYA’s world at the time and a hint at future collaborations to come.

In August 2018, LEYA was featured in I Love You, a 40-minute queer adult art film directed by Brooke Candy and produced by Pornhub. The duo scored the film and appeared as background actors throughout, posing with their instruments in surrealist, minimal clothing amidst the film’s three sex scenes. Document Journal called the music “shimmering” and “seductive” and dubbed it “Pornhub’s best soundtrack.”

In 2019 the group released a collaborative EP with Eartheater aka Alexandra Drewchin titled Angel Lust (PAN). Drewchin provided vocals while LEYA occupied a mostly instrumental space, with Markiewicz singing only on the EP’s final track. The release marked an important alternate setting for LEYA, adapting the bent romance of their language to serve with another artist at the center. Eartheater’s treatment of the material feels pop-leaning but with a cinematic sense of magic; its four songs ebb with peaks, valleys, and eventually a satisfying lull. This shared space would become a consistent thread within their respective collaborative spheres for years to come.

In 2020, LEYA released their most central statement to date, Flood Dream (NNA Tapes). It was a true honing of their sound, a record unfolding into itself. Pitchfork called it “eerie, beckoning, and tinged with horror,” a mood The New York Times likened to the “auditory equivalent of awakening in the fog of a bad dream only to discover you’re still trapped in the nightmare.” Released in March of 2020, the album inadvertently soundtracked a world thrust into dystopia and gained a cult following over the course of the pandemic.

LEYA followed Flood Dream with a number of short format collaborations. July 2020 saw the release of “Antigone,” a shared track with American transcendental black metal band, Liturgy. The duo also tapped remixes for Flood Dream from a few electronic musicians on varying ends of the spectrum – British pioneer Darren Cunningham aka Actress, Scottish innovator Drew McDowall (of Coil and Psychic TV), and American filmmaker/composer Chistina Vantzou. Each remix took its original material and broadened it in some way, slowing the elements of LEYA’s language into new space. The duo also contributed production to NY digital harcore stalwarts Deli Girls’ track “barriers to love” on their 2020 album Boss. Additionally, they were featured on Martha Skye Murphy’s 2021 EP Concrete via its title track. LEYA also saw forays into the fashion world, scoring a HoodByAir runway show in 2021 curated by rapper Babyxsosa and contributing the score for a 2022 Louis Vuitton commercial in the form of a shared track with Eartheater, “Angel Path.”

In March 2022, LEYA released their broadest and most experimental project to date, the almost fully-collaborative mixtape, Eyeline (NNA Tapes). The tape brought together 9 artists – Actress, Julie Byrne, Eartheater, Okay Kaya, James K, claire rousay, Deli Girls, Sunk Heaven, and Martha Skye Murphy, each of whom co-wrote a track with LEYA, with the exception of Cunningham, who provided an 11 minute remix of the duo’s only solo effort on the mixtape, “Dankworld.” The tape exists squarely in LEYA’s unique sound world, but stretches its confines greatly amongst many twists and turns. It channels pop environments previously untouched by the duo and also reaches more sinister caverns at points, hinging on an intensity that has been growing throughout the duo’s career. It further broadens the possibilities, a sense that any direction that might be possible for a group continually pushing the boundaries of visceral song.


Philly-born Berlin-based musician LSDXOXO get’s freaky and vulnerable on new single ‘Freak’.

“Something I made to step out of the heady process that is finalizing a debut album as a new writer and even newer vocalist. Freak is the closing summary of a summer spent as a digital diva constantly on the move. Tour life isn’t always sexy, but when it is, it’s something to write home about!” LSDXOXO

Producer, DJ and vocalist LSDXOXO has been busy remixing the likes of Lady Gaga, Shygirl, Pink Pantheress and more. Playing at the most notorious clubs and festivals worldwide as well as running his pleasure-loving Floorgasm events in Berlin and London, while showing a first taste of his live show at Sonar and Scopitone festival.
Of course, he’s also been working on his highly anticipated debut album on his own imprint Floorgasm, earlier revealing his tender side on pop-punk singles ‘DRaiN’, and ‘Demons’ featuring Eartheater.

Get ready for the LSDXOXO era! 


Born and raised in Crown Heights, Brooklyn, LustSickPuppy is a curator of chaos, invoking spirits through shared ritual.

Blending elements of punk, gabber, drum b bass and rap, they deliver warped melodies over hyperactive beats at breakneck speed. Equal parts glitter and blood, their shows are raw and unpredictable, a live rave liturgy taking audiences by the leash while offering the ride of a lifetime. 

Following their debut EP Cosmic Brownie and a collaboration with Machine Girl’s Matthew Stephenson, 2022 saw LustSickPuppy releasing their sophomore EP As Hard As You Can, featuring collaborations with Bonnie Baxter of Kill Alters and Andy Morin of Death Grips. 

On their latest single, »might b«, they further expand their style by anchoring abstract drum n bass leanings with sparkly, sun-drenched harmonics and an irresistable hook.

„The smiley face paint represents me existing as a black queer person having to smile my way through this fucked up world. It’s the idea that if you can’t see past this face, you will never be able to connect with me deeply.” 


MKCMLLN (he/him) is a queer DJ of a new generation of ukrainian electronic scene artists. 

He started playing during the pandemic taking lessons from leading ukranian musicians tofu dj and VESELKA’s resident Ruslan Mays. During war times he took part in revival of parties under a curfew and joined VESELKA’s showcase in RSO Berlin. Now being based in Vienna he is also organizing events both to share his passion for exploring new sound and bring closer attention to Ukraine. His selection is very diverse and ranges from 90’s grooves to contemporary futuristic sound. While playing he focuses on creating a safer space for ones’ mind and soul. 


Ms. Boogie (she/her) is the New York City based independent musical artist bringing curation, activism, and impact to Hip Hop. The Afro-Latina rapper lives where the mainstream meets the underground, where the streets meet the avant garde and where Black trans existence is centered unwaveringly. From People Magazine to The New York Times, the “femme queen” rapper has been featured as one to watch with a piping-hot pen and signature bravado that has even soundtracked Mugler fashion shows.  

river moon (she/her)

Hailing from Cape Town, growing up in New York and making current residence in Berlin, River Moon is a producer, songwriter, recording artist, DJ and send-declared Rave Princess.

Having graced a pandemic stricken music landscape with her emotionally inspired, genre transcending debut mixtape Martyr in summer 2020, River has only just begun to cement herself as a world class popstar, DJ (formerly under the moniker Saint Deepthroat). With collaborations under her diamante studded belt including the likes of LSDXOXO and Azealia Banks, fashion giants like Telfar, No Sesso and Marc Jacobs, and DJing on international platforms like Boiler Room, NTS and HÖR Berlin, River is truly on the world’s radar.

With the underpinning of black electronic pioneers, River’s sound is an imaginative interlacing of the queer electro-pop scene of her South African home, with Afro-Futurism, hip-hop, ballroom and club influences from every corner of the globe she reaches. The amalgamation is anything from the sexually charged lyrics of dance floor fillers like SHAKE DAT, to the atmospheric contemplations of Martyr’s almost solely instrumental catalogue.

Bound for her biggest year yet, River will make her Berghain debut this Spring, as well as delivering a slew of features, remix projects and production collaborations, and her own upcoming body of work- River’s Revenge.


In a variety of settings, school has hosted THE UNQUESTIONED ANSWER for many years, up to 12 hours of rituals neutralizing familiar narratives, celebrating women*s music production, and pointing out voids in music history.

Yasmina´s essayistic sound sets challenge the normativity that our ears are constantly exposed to by bringing unheard voices, sounds and songs to the surface. With a call for active listening she spans a bridge between Lili Boulanger, Midori Takada, Faten Kanaan, Pamela Z, Louise Lawler, Julia Perry, Jlin, Sainkho Namtchylak, Moor Mother and many more.

Lumplecker starts her dj set with ambient layers, but soon puts simple techno beats on the pile, noise fragments, but also tender melodies. You will hear fragile human voices as well as more-than-human songs, a buzzing, pounding swarm of sounds. 

“All together, this makes my humus, escaping human-centeredness. Thinking with Donna Haraway, embodying the practice of feminist speculative fabulation, I compost my soul in this hot pile.



As a visual and performance artist, composer, and DJ, Suutoo plays with build-ups, break-downs, climatic moments, poetic shifts, tempo, and repetition.

All Suutoo wants to be is free.


Suutoo will perform at TQW on May 18./19. in cooperation with Rakete

Tati au Miel

Tania Daniel performs under the artist name of “Tati au Miel”. They are a producer, DJ, costume designer, sound and performance artist. Born and raised in Montreal, Tati au Miel explores freedom, desire, and the emancipatory potential of sound and its relation to their own identity as a queer, gender-fluid Haitian-Canadian. Their artistic practice stretches across various disciplines, producing evocative experimental sound pieces, textile experiments and ritualistic performances, investigating abstraction as a speculative approach to storytelling and its aesthetic history in Black electro.


Tama Gucci (he/him) forges his own sound that uniquely reimagines the intersection of Pop and R&B. Much of Tama Gucci’s creative inspiration for the work is owed to his encyclopedic understanding of pop culture and playful incorporation of reality TV tropes, which meld seamlessly into a bold project that sonically characterizes the spectacle of feeling cocky and lovesick without reservations.

Originally from Miami, his success covering pop songs for his online cult following led him to become a staple performer in the city’s emerging underground queer scene. Simultaneously nostalgic and futurism-centered in his artistic sensibility, Tama Gucci’s music sounds like a distant memory from a rave you’ve never been to. And with his 2021 EP ‘Almost Blue’, Tama Gucci blends Jungle and Miami Bass bridging the gap between his Jamaican identity and fascination with 90s breakbeat music.

A pop star of his own design, Tama Gucci gives us everything we need with innovative skill and finesse.


Tongue in the Mind evolved heedfully from almost a decade of creative back-and-forth between multimedia artist, DJ and writer Juliana Huxtable (they/them) and multi-instrumentalist composer Joe Rinaldo Heffernan, aka Jealous Orgasm (he/him). Starting life in New York City as free- flowing improvisational performance art, the project shifted as Huxtable and Heffernan’s confidence in each other swelled and their collaboration became more compositional and ostentatious. Coaxing each other to take risks and metamorphose artistically, the duo’s roles flickered and spiraled; Huxtable would set down the mic to jam on synths and percussion, while Heffernan would move from instruments to vocals. Production and arrangement became a synergistic process and little by little, a defined musical fingerprint appeared.

Hailing from Arkansas, Heffernan administers a long-held obsession with metal and punk into his classically conditioned arrangements, while Huxtable – who currently lives between New York and Berlin – imparts creative knowledge from her years of experience as a groundbreaking DJ and vernacular-bending poet. The duo’s music is impossible to confine within strict genre boundaries, mutating pointillistically as it vibrates through rock, jazz and experimental forms, adducing Huxtable and Heffernan’s creative past without threatening to duplicate it. It’s an energy that’s already landed them on some of the world’s most prestigious stages: they were commissioned by MoMA for Performa 15, played at Primavera Sound in Barcelona and closed out The Netherlands’ Rewire Festival in 2018.

Their first single ‘Pretty Canary’ and debut long-form release are due on the legendary PAN imprint in spring and winter respectively and both harness a little of contemporary New York City’s chaos and contorted elegance. Future shock and modern malaise aren’t filtered through the expected amalgamation of galvanized sonics and post-everything rhythmic signals, but spun into colorful silks that hang in opposition to expectation, reflecting post- punk and no wave, prog and DIY pop as Huxtable and Heffernan blot surreal vocals over lysergic instrumentation. Sensual and perversely physical, it’s music that genuinely rises to the promise of psychedelia by asking not what’s real, but what’s lavish.


WHODAT (she/her)

Terri McQueen, aka Whodat has known and felt the healing power of music her whole life growing up in Detroit, Michigan. For well over a decade she’s worked to spread that spirit through her djing and production.

Her unique and eclectic productions have appeared on Uzuri, Meakusma, and Queen Mum’s Mail over the last five years. The sincerity and love she shares through sound is unforgettable, infectious, and undeniable – if you’re lucky enough to be present to the experience she gives.


Ghana born, London bred/ now Berlin based Yazzus (she/her) is a DJ/Producer with a love of high energy, bouncy electronic music spanning different textures and tempos. She interprets her spiritual beliefs alongside rave culture and has taken influence from the 90’s early hardcore rave scene, acting as a force for resurrection, along with mixing hard techno, gabber, ghettotech and electro. You will find lush melodies, hypnotic basslines and infectious energy radiating all throughout the club environment. Her style is a device to transcend all dimensions on the dancefloor using heavy4x4, grooves and animated synth lines.


Zey is a Prague/Vienna based DJ. Their creativity is a tool of liberation – their own and of others. In relation to their own Black*queer lived experience, they are primarily sharing the sonic emancipatory potentials of queer creatives of the African Diaspora. Genre is not as important to them as exploring links between spaces and mapping electronic music from Africa, Euro-American landscapes and Black Latin America.