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Address: Otto Wagner Areal (Küche)
Baumgartner Höhe 1 1140 Wien

Public Transport:
47A (via U4 Unter St. Veit)
48A (via U3 Ottakring and U6 Thaliastraße)
N46 (via U3 Ottakring and U6 Thaliastraße)
nightline timetable: Otto Wagner Areal < > Karlsplatz

Festival Venue: Hyperreality takes place at the former Kitchen >> Küche
Please check the map and follow the signs on the way. Please respect the site and only use the path marked on the map. Our security team is happy to help. 

Accessibility: The festival site is wheelchair-accessible. The path from the entrance gate of the Otto Wagner area to the festival site leads over a relatively steep gravel path. For people who are dependent on a wheelchair or have difficulty walking, we recommend the less steep asphalt road (marked at the map) to the right. The main entrance leads via a staircase. Please contact the staff there who will accompany you to the barrier-free entrance if necessary.There are 2 barrier-free toilets to use (indoor and outdoor).Several acts will use strobe lights and fog machines. Please contact the on site team to get detailed information on the shows. 

Payments: Both bars and the food stand accept cash and credit cards.Cash only at the box office and our merch stand. Directly at the entrance gate is an ATM.

One way only: Once you’ve entered the festival ground you’re not allowed to leave and come back during your stay.Otto Wagner Areal is a historic site and used in a variety of ways. To protect the area, we cannot allow any exploration tours.
At the festival venue you will find an outdoor area, a food stand and as well a few niches to hide :) 

The Otto Wagner Areal with around 40 Art Nouveau buildings has existed since 1907. Before and after the NS time it was mainly used as a clinic for lung diseases and psychiatry. Between 1938 and 1945 it became one of the central places in Vienna where the National Socialist action “T4” was implemented. During this period 7,500 patients, including about 800 children, were murdered at what was then called the “Heil- und Pflegeanstalt am Steinhof”. Hyperreality acknowledges the history of the Klinik Penzing as a psychiatric hospital located on the grounds of the OWA and the harrowing crimes that were committed inside its doors during the NS-regime. As an initial attempt towards a historical revision, we have compiled a folder with documents and resources.

You can find the permanent exhibition of what transpired during this period hosted by the DÖW (Documentation Archive of the Austrian Resistance) in Pavillon 5 of the Otto-Wagner-Areal. 

Further information:

Finding suitable vacancies as venues for our festival becomes increasingly challenging from year to year. Since the closure of the clinic in this part of the Otto Wagner Areal last year, the city of Vienna has been inviting various institutions and initiatives to use the site for cultural purposes. On one hand, we see the opportunity to inhabit this space with a new narrative, but on the other hand, we are aware that this can only happen with a proper reckoning of the past. We invite everyone for active engagement in the historical examination of the Otto Wagner Areal and what transpired in the city of Vienna during World War II.