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We are happy to announce that Hyperreality 2023 will host workshops and accompanying programme this year!
Delighted we got to work on two of them with Ableton and Sounds Queer? again! Also very happy that we managed to win over the following professionalz:
Zosia Hołubowska (aka Mala Hebra), Jung An Tagen and LA Timpa will share their knowledge and experience with the lucky ones who get hold of one of the rare spots.
Better be quick and register to take the next step on your own personal path to sound-wired brains!
Big up to our partner Ruby Marie Hotel & Bar for hosting us!
– Please read the descriptions of the workshops carefully before you register.
– Register via link placed below each workshop description.
– All workshops are free of charge. In case you don’t have an Ableton license but your workshop requires Ableton, please download the trial version here.
– Feel free to write to should you have questions!
All workshops and accompanying programme take place at Ruby Marie Hotel & Bar; Cinema Room, 4th floor (Kaiserstraße 2-4, 1070 Wien). Upon arriving at the reception ask for the cinema room.
Don’t be late, we start sharp.
THURSDAY, 18th of May (facilitated by Ableton x Sound Queer? x Hyperreality)
Jung An Tagen – How to game yourself with dicing 
2:30PM – 5PM
Simple aleatoric/stochastic (random) systems in the spirit of “Cut-Up” to reach beyond intention. From polyrhythmics to MIDI-arrays, instruments and effect chains. I will take a look at the random/chance possibilities in the vanilla version of Ableton 11 and use them to build an acid track and do some noise synthesis.
This workshop is aimed towards intermediates.
Please bring a Laptop with Ableton 11 and headphones! If you work with Live 10 we encourage you to get the test version of 11 since most chance tools were introduced here.
Backed up by 2 decades of discographic activity under diverse pseudonyms and multiple collaborations on labels such as Editions Mego and Diagonal, Stefan Juster performs tirelessly at Festivals like Unsound or Sonic Acts, researching the boundaries of techno and dissociative computer music. Testing strategies of physical disorientation and forceful sonic phenomena, encouraging minds and bodies to calculate and intuit their own place in spacetime. It’s addictive music. Music in constant explosion.
Zosia Hołubowska – Ableton user group meet-up: Gentle feedback session
6PM – Open End
After last year’s collaboration, Ableton and Sounds Queer? joined forces to establish a queer-centered user group. The idea is to create a safer space for nerds and geeks to exchange tips and learn the software in a more horizontal way. This session will focus on gentle feedback, a practice developed by the SQ? collective to help fellow artists get inspired and finish their tracks. The idea is to bring an unfinished project and get constructive criticism and encouragement from peers and the facilitator. The session will be run by Zosia Holubowska, founder and curator of SQ?; a self-thought producer and composer who strives to share their knowledge and become a certified trainer one day.
Sounds Queer? is a Vienna-based collective working on the intersection of electronic music, sound art, and queer activism. They share knowledge and tools because they believe music can create a safer space to exchange experiences and express yourself. A synthesizer can be a feminist spaceship to challenge rules in music and social norms. They organize workshops, collective jams, performances, and shows.
Zosia Holubowska is a non-binary sound artist, queer music activist, researcher, and producer. They work on topics of queering archives, healing practices, and interspecies intimacy. They create performances, sound installations, and radio works and compose soundscapes for dance performances. In 2022 together with Julia Giertz, they premiered an immersive audio ritual Community of Grieving, commissioned by Unsound and Elevate Festival. They have completed residencies at MONOM (DE), U-Jazdowski Castle (PL), Kuomo Turku (FI), and Tanzfabrik (DE). Their work has been presented at Mumok (AT), Guggenheim Museum Bilbao (ES), and la Gaîté Lyrique (FR). Since 2016 they curate Sounds Queer? a project dedicated to empowering marginalized groups through electronic music. They live and work in Vienna.
FRIDAY, 19th of May
LA Timpa – LECTURE 1 
3PM – 4:30PM
LA Timpa’s project consists of work ranging from music, writing, video/film, publication, live performances, archiving and animation – all borne of storytelling & western Africa Griot lineage. For the lecture Timpa has prepared an interactive presentation of his notes and talk covering his observations made throughout his own practice and also citing the insights of others and/or his proclaimed teachers. Some of his headings will include ‘Freedom with rules, restriction & dogmatism’, Nature, Language, The Subconscious mind, performance and more.
LA Timpa was born in Lagos, Nigeria and immigrated to Toronto, Canada at the age of 6. In 2019 Timpa released his debut album Equal Amounts Afraid with London label o___O?, followed by Modern Antics in a Deserted Place (Halcyon Veil) and most recently Pity by One All Good Treasure (o___O?) as well as his second EP “Ball Room” (self released) both released in 2022. Since the beginning of the project in 2015, he has collaborated with several artists like Tricky, Klein, Space Afrika, Rosie Marks and more. As well as soundtrack work for fashion brands Burberry (Ad) and Marine Serre for their Spring/Summer 2022 Collection Film (which won ‘best music’ award at Athens Fashion Film Fest in 2023). Timpa’s roots in DJ’ing are showcased in recording various live mix’s and radio broadcasts (NTS, Ormside Projects, RINSE FM and others..) and audio “Self Respect (I’m part of it all)” featured on the compilation “MUSIC”, released in 2021. Timpa is credited under various video works under his own project as well as with frequent collaborator Kathryn Tompkins. In 2020 he collaborated and released video: website “Can you see it” with Klein and is editor and creator of website (est. 2015). He currently lives and works in Berlin.