Goth Jafar

Goth Jafar

“the internet's very own barbie doll dj goth jafar is taking nyc by storm one eclectic mix at a time” — notion magazine

Goth Jafar's storytelling transports you from serene palm trees at sunrise to nymphs and faeries dancing in forest glades, and even to techno vampires pulsating to rupturing basslines. With each twist, the crowd is taken on a thrilling rollercoaster ride of surprises.

Long before she was turning heads with her hot and heavy club mixes and enviable stash of mischievous pop edits, the Brooklyn DJ was making us smirk behind our screens with her sharp-witted observations and playful prods at dance music culture. The internet is Suffy Baalas [DJ Goth Jafar] personal matrix, creating online worlds and passionately writing about music sprinkled with occasional shitposting humor. Starting her DJ journey in 2020 during quarantine, she swiftly became known for her diverse mixes blending pop, techno, trance, k-pop and more, all while exuding gender euphoria to reflect the trans women who brought her here today, to honour the girls existing and to hug the girls just starting their journey.

Her trajectory has soared ever since, from completing her first Europe Tour (London, Barcelona, Madrid, Paris, Lisbon, Sweden and Berlin) to gracing major festivals and parties worldwide (Boiler Room, Evian Christs Trance Party, Club Carry, Primavera Sound, Norberg Fest). She has performed sets alongside Memphy, Tama Gucci, A.G. Cook, River Moon, Ashland Mines, SHYGIRL, BABYNYMPH, and many more, and even performed an opening set for Beyoncé's Renaissance World Tour in Houston, Texas. Beyond DJing, Suffy is also a model and writer, seamlessly blending elements of her Moroccan heritage with a love for gothic horror and hyperfemininity.
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